Why FIT?

  • We are specialized in providing software solutions only for the business segments we know very well.
  • We offer to our clients more than just a software system. Through the unrivalled business expertise and know-how of FIT staff, resulting from more than 15 years of industry experience.
  • We are bringing our clients the competitive advantages of decreasing both the time to market for value-added services and the cost of ownership, while improving the quality of the services provided to their demanding clients.
  • We are committed to a long-term partnership with our clients, based on a collaborative and constructive approach. We look for a truly win-win scenario.
  • We enjoy a very low staff turnover

FIT Products Portfolio includes:

Besides ready-made applications already working in the Middle East area, FIT is providing its customers with expertise in the following sectors:

  • Consultancy – Supporting its customers in the design phase, keeping in consideration every aspect of the system: technical, functional, and architectural;
  • Design and Development – Through its specialized workgroups, the company can develop any type of complete solution, built on the assets of knowledge and experiences;
  • Systems Support and Maintenance – Delivered to the customers for any type of requirement relevant to software, application management and data-stream.

Through (solutions, consultancy, design and development, support and maintenance) FIT provides four products to customers in the Gulf Region:

  1. Real Time Brokerage Management Solutions;
  2. Wealth Management Software;
  3. Portfolio Management Software;
  4. IPO Manager.